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Trips originating from Minneapolis St. Paul, All Suburbs & MSP Airport:
* + $2.50 Flag (amount the meter starts at)
* + $2.75 per mile ($0.55 every 1/5th mile)
* + $24.00 per hr waiting time – includes time lost in traffic

* A $5.00 minimum fare is applicable on all orders. Outer fringe suburbs may have higher minimum fares.
* A $4.00 "Airport Access" fee is added to the flag on all trips originating from MSP.
* There is only one access fee per trip regardless of the number of passengers.
* This allows the driver to recover the fees paid to access the Airport.

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443 Woodduck Place,
Woodbury, MN 55125

Phone : (651) 786-9222
Email : airporttravelers@gmail.com